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Rich History Of Lago Vista. The city of Lago Vista, Texas is located just outside the city of Austin. More specifically, Lago Vista is situated on the North Shore of Lake Travis.

The city’s first-known inhabitants are able to be traced back approximately 10,000 to 15,000 years thanks to the discovery in 1983 of the Leanderthal Lady. This specimen stands five feet tall and is also estimated to be 18-25 years in age. She is also named after the village of Leander, which is where she was found close to.

Lago Vista had initially been populated by different Native American tribes, as well as other sovereign nations. Control of this area, however, was fought over for centuries, the modern area beginning in the 1500s. Later on, in 1831, Stephen F. Austin settled a total of 800 families in this area, which marked the beginning of the current story of Lago Vista and the North Shore community.

Lohman’s Bridge was then constructed in 1931, which was designed to help facilitate travel between both the north shore and south shore of the Colorado River. Once the Mansfield Dam was constructed later on, the bridge eventually was submerged under what is now Lake Travis, as were many farms and homesteads.

Before the dam’s construction, many residents were affected by the “Feast or Famine” nature of the river itself, as droughts and floods that were irregular had been causing major issues with the local infrastructure. This resulted in the formation of the LCRA, or Lower Colorado River Authority, in 1934, which began the process of many dams being built along the river, where they would serve as storage for water, as well as flood control measures while, at the same time, providing a reliable source of drinking water for residents of the North Shore.

Workers who built structures during the 1940s and 1950s ended up loving the area and decided to resettle there. Once reliable access had been restored, military veterans then took up residence in Lago Vista during the 1950s and 1960s due to the city having a more quiet environment.

During the 1980s, Austin made an attempt to annex all North Shore communities; however, this was put to a halt when Lago Vista, Point Venture, and Jonestown formally voted to incorporate individually. These days, North Shore is a growing group of communities that features everything from a large supermarket and national pharmacy chain to dozens of small businesses.

Rich History of Lago Vista. Additionally, North Shore also features an amazing arts community thanks to the popular Hill Country Singers, Broadway-type productions performed by the Lake Travis Music Theatre, and so much more. Additionally, schools in the area are currently ranked at #5 in the Austin Area for Academic Achievement. The overall cost of living is also among some of the lowest in the entire United States while, at the same time, property values continue increasing.