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Lago Vista Summer Activities. The summer season is perhaps the best time to consider visiting the town of Lago Vista. In the event that you are already thinking about visiting, chances are you have all kinds of ideas regarding things to do thanks in large part to the fact that this town is filled with all kinds of unique activities. However, there’s always the chance that there are some ideas you may not have initially thought of!

Here are three great activities to consider checking out in Lago Vista.

*First, there’s checking out a live show at the ZACH Theatre. This is a theatre that has been a true staple since 1932 and also is a non-profit organization working to create more intimate theatre experiences to help strengthen imagination, spirit, and community engagement. It is also the leading professional theatre in the entire city of Austin, employing more than 250 actors, designers, and musicians. They serve more than 125,000 Central Texans every year as well.

*Next, there’s visiting the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, which is named after the late former Governor of Texas and is also the home to North America’s largest urban bat colony. The bridge houses between an astonishing 750,000 and 1.5 million bats, many of which fly out of the bridge nearest the dusk hours. The best viewing dates are considered to be between the months of April and October, so even now you have a great chance of seeing these winged wonders in action!

*Lago Vista Summer Activities. Finally, there’s taking in a movie at the first Alamo Drafthouse. In operation for over two decades, the owners of this famous establishment have worked hard to make your overall experience the best cinematic experience that you have ever had. This includes showing challenging and innovative films, as well as serving all kinds of delicious food and drinks that you can enjoy while watching. The menu features items such as pizza, burgers, salad, snacks, and desserts, all freshly prepared from locally-sourced ingredients. And of course, don’t forget about the beer, which comes from the best local craft breweries!