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Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

Facts About Lago Vista. The city of Lago Vista, Texas is situated north of Lake Travis and extends over 8.7 square miles of land, as well as 0.6 square miles of water. Both residents and visitors continuously compliment the scenery, wildlife, and so much more that Lago Vista offers. Additionally, Lago Vista is also home to many different marinas, golf courses, performing arts, and wineries.

Lago Vista also hosts several different annual events on a regular basis as well. For instance, during the month of January, both Jonestown and Lago Vista’s Chamber plays host to a special Casino Nite, while a golf tournament takes place every October in which Chamber members match up against Lago Vista residents, and the annual Cajun Cook-Off takes place every March and features all kinds of amazing Cajun food, festivities, and music.

The city of Lago Vista also offers quick and easy access to the city of Austin via the Cap Metro Metrorail system. Furthermore, the city is also home to the single-runway Rusty Allen Airport, which served as the center for Hurricane Katrina relief flights back in 2005. This airport is also home to the popular Lago Vista Airpower Museum as well.

Facts About Lago Vista. There are also a total of five different lakeside parks located in Lago Vista that offer amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming, an activity area, a fitness area, and a marina. Additionally, there are also two different golf courses in Lago Vista as well:

*The Highlands Lakes Golf Course

*Lago Vista Golf Course

Both of these courses offer breathtaking views of Lake Travis itself, as well as offer courses where all skill levels are able to be challenged.