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Welcome to your home away from home!

I’m so happy you arrived safely, and hope you had no troubles in your travels here.

Please make yourself at home and enjoy the complimentary snacks provided.



House Rules & Info




  • Check out time is 11:00 AM.
  • Please remove leftover/disposables from refrigerator and pantry.
  • Place all trash in the outside dumpster.
  • Turn the thermostat to 78 degrees (in the summer) and 67 degrees (in the winter).



  • Please make sure that only toilet paper is flushed down the toilets. We live in the hill country therefore our sewers run on a grinder pump system. If other items are flushed down the toilet or sinks this will burn up the motors.
  • We have provided each bathroom with 3 rolls of toilet paper and the kitchen with 2 rolls of paper towels. Any extra paper products will need to be bought by the guest.
  • In the hall closet, there are 6 beach towels.
  • The first aid kit and flashlight are located in the laundry room next to the washer.
  • Bedding for the pull out bed downstairs is located in the entry closet.
  • The dining room, master bedroom, and guest bedrooms have USB connections in the wall.
  • Adult and other games include “Never Have I Ever”, “Telestrations”, “I Wish I Didn’t Know”, and “that’s what she said”! 
  • You have 2 designated parking spots in front of your townhome. If you need additional parking they are located around the corner of Burke Blvd.
  • Street Parking – it is unlawful (meaning not allowed so don’t do it) to park in the roadways in Point Venture. Our streets are narrow, we have no sidewalks, and and we have lots of folks out walking, jogging, and biking. Per Village Code 11.04.001, parking vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, and/or trailers is prohibited on all streets in the village.
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors and respect their privacy. We are a quiet community and ask that you please monitor the noise level at night.
  • There is a yeti cooler stored in the lower floor hall closet, feel free to use it but please make sure you clean it after use. The Outdoor closet will have extra lawn chairs as well as extra gas for the golf cart
  • We have a KEURIG Mini Coffee maker and a Slow Brew Coffee Maker.
  • In the lower cabinets by the stove are all the pots, pans, lids, crockpot, toaster, etc..
  • Broom and Dustpan with extra attachments are located in the laundry room.
  • Dishes, kitchen towels, and oven mitts are located in the upper left cabinets.
  • Trash bags are under the sink if you need them. If your trash can gets full please feel free to put it in any of the trash cans out front
  • The Golf Cart Keys and an Access Card are in the bowl on the credenza. The keys are for the Golf Cart. The access card is for the Lake Park, Fitness center, and swimming pool.. Please return them to the bowl when not in use.
  • Waivers must be signed in order to use the golf cart.
  • Please leave the cart the way you found it. Wash off any mud or dirt after use. For more information on Golf carts read on or scroll to page 21, “Golf Cart Rules”. 
  • Upon leaving, just leave your bedding in your rooms. The cleaning staff will take care of gathering all the items.
  • Last but not least please don’t forget to sign our guest book and feel free to sign the cornhole game outback. 
  • It is the responsibility of the driver operating a vehicle on this property to promptly clean up any messes, including oil stains, caused by said vehicle on the property.
  • To preserve the integrity of our custom window tinting, we kindly request that you avoid applying any tape on the windows. Doing so may result in the removal or discoloration of the tinting. Violations will result in a fine of up to $1,000.

In Case Of An Emergency










Darling Art School




Your two designated parking spots are labeled with the house number 585.
Please ONLY park in these two spots
*You can park behind the golf cart
For additional spots see manual or contact owner.

Boat Parking

When parking your boat please back it parallel ONE parking space.
*You may need to disconnect your vehicle so you are not blocking the street.
*Not following may incur fines

Golf Cart Info


Golf Cart Rules & Info

There are a few reminders l would like to note:



  • No driving under the Influence.
  • No playing loud music from the golf cart.
  • Please park the golf cart in the designated area (please see picture.)
  • PLEASE WASH GOLF CART AFTER USE. Hose is located on the side of the house. Thank you!
  • Make sure you follow the rules of Point Venture and of the property owner.
  • If you’re not using the golf cart please don’t leave the keys in the ignition.
  • Don’t leave any trash or valuable items in the cart
  • The back end folds down into a “bed” to transport large items.
  • Please don’t tie anything to the roof of the cart.
  • Please do a walk around the cart and note any dings or scratches to the property owner to avoid any extra fees.
  • Golf carts can not be used after sundown under a ticket from the sheriff.
  • Additional gas get the code to an outdoor closet by messaging John and Tracy

*Always charge the golf cart while at La Casa De Lago!

QUICK: How To Start the Golf Cart / Use Parking Brake

Golf Cart Rules & Info (Part 2)

We have included pictures on where to park the golf cart and reminders of proper use. 



Golf cart MUST be in parking space #585.

It can be parked sideways in the space to fit another vehicle.

The townhome community WILL TOW YOUR VEHICLE if you don’t park in space #585.

Park your vehicle ONLY in space #585 (two of them) or your car will be towed.

Airbnb with Golf course Austin
Airbnb with Golf course Austin
Airbnb with Golf course Austin
Airbnb with Golf course Austin
Airbnb with Golf course Austin

Game Credenza


We have games for all ages. Sorry, Jenga, That’s So 80’s, Dice, Cards, Charades, Puzzles and much more! For outdoor activities, we have Disc Frisbees, Cornhole, and Ring Toss. In the drawers we have extra batteries for the remotes. 

Other games include:
“Never Have I Ever”, “Telestrations”, “I Wish I Didn’t Know”, and “that’s what she said”! 


Airbnb activities and games

Pack and Play! (pic below, in Master Bedroom Closet)


pack and play


Point Venture POA ( Point Venture Organized Association) Amenities


  • Junior Olympic size pool
  • Open year-round 8 AM – 10 PM
  • Closed Mondays for maintenance
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • Children must be supervised by an adult
  • Open year-round 6 AM – 12 Midnight
  • 50-acre waterfront park with boat ramps, playground area, covered pavilion(first come), a basketball court, and nature Picnic tables throughout the park. Bring your own grill.
  • Open every day 5 AM – 10 PM
  • Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult
Tennis Courts
  • Open every First, come first use.
  • Some courts are lighted
  • Open 7:15 AM Sundown 7 days a
  • Property owners receive a 20%
  • Cold drinks, cold beer, wine, & snacks available in the Pro Shop

Point Venture Rules & Information




  • The posted speed limit on all Point Venture roads is 30 P.H. unless marked otherwise. Please respect this requirement and make Point Venture safe for all of us… especially our children.
  • Observe all traffic signs to avoid accidents.
  • Motorbikes/mopeds are permitted on Point Venture roads, but NOT in the Park No riding is allowed on terraces (Grassy areas) or sidewalks around the office area or on private lawns.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or rollerblades are not allowed on the sidewalks around the office Bicycles are not allowed on the grass areas around the office area. THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE. PLEASE INSTRUCT YOUR CHILDREN.
  • No parking of vehicles on grass areas except in the park.
  • The discharging of guns at Point Venture is This includes air rifles and pellet guns.
  • The use of Fireworks at Point Venture is prohibited.
  • The use of outdoor cookers on wooden decks of townhouses is. The use of charcoal cookers and unattended cooking is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not put hot coals in garbage containers or on lawns.
  • Burning trash, cuttings, or limbs is prohibited.
  • Large trucks, semi, may not be parked overnight at Point Venture.

The Village of Point Venture has passed various ordinances that are in effect in addition to the POA

Park/lake/boat access

The Point Venture park is private and for the exclusive use of residents, property owners, renters, and invited guests when accompanied by a Point Venture Property owner. The park features two boat launching ramps, playground equipment, picnic tables, and trash receptacles. The park gate will be locked from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 AM.





Please … leave the park in the same shape you found it … or even better



The Point Venture swimming pool is open daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Gates are locked during all other hours. No Lifeguards are on duty, and property owners and their guests use the facilities at their own risk.

Additional guidelines:

  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed unless accompanied by an adult
  • No glass containers inside the fenced pool area.
  • No pets inside the fenced pool area.
  • Trash should be placed in containers provided.
  • Tables and chairs are not to be used for diving platforms, and must not be thrown or placed in the pool.
  • No automotive type inner-tubes All other types of floats and water toys are permitted.
  • No skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, or rollerblades are allowed inside the fenced areas.
  • A Pool Monitor may be on duty on summer weekends. If a Pool Monitor is on duty, please respect the Pool Monitor’s directions. The life ring and shepherd hook are for emergency use DO NOT PLAY WITH THESE!


Point Venture tennis courts are private and for the exclusive use of property owners and their invited guests, when accompanied by a Point Venture Property Owner. Please Observe the following guidelines.

  • Please do not park on the grass.
  • Courts and the court areas must be left free of debris on All trash must be disposed of properly in the receptacles provided.
  • Court lights must be turned off when leaving.
  • Radios and tape players are a distraction to tennis Their use at the courts is not permitted.
  • No street shoes or black-soled shoes are permitted on the courts.
  • No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, or any other foreign to a tennis court are permitted.
  • No volleyball or basketball is allowed on the tennis courts.



The marina is for the use of persons who rent slips. People using the marina for parking of their boat without authorization may have their boat secured until slip rental monies are paid. 

NO FISHING is allowed on or from any part of the marina, its’ walkways or Ship’s Store at any time of the day or night.

I have enclosed a map hoping you get to experience some of the great things Point Venture has to offer. The Golf Club with the Caddy Shack bar, Gnarly Gar (floating restaurant on the lake), Fitness Center, Pool, and the Private Lake Park.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions!!



Boat Rentals

We recommend Liquid Thrillz

You can rent online at

Or call them at 512-267-7530

While scheduling your rental, mention that you are staying at 585 Demarett to get 10% discount

*rentals must be reserved 48 hours from the day of the departure 

They Offer:

  • Pantoon Boats 
  • Ski Boats
  • Waverunners
Airbnb on beach Austin
Airbnb on beach Austin

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